When Dermapeutics was founded, it was founded with the objective 
being earth-friendly, and not for the sake of a green label. From beginning to end, our carbon footprint treads lightly. Our labels are produced by wind-power, and the company that manufactures our folding cartons reforests the land as part of its dedication to the Forest Stewardship Council. We believe in being part of our economy’s solution. We’re not tempted by the low overseas production costs that lure many of our competitors. All Dermapeutics manufacturing and packaging production takes place in American companies. In support of each other and our world, it makes sense to invest an abundant future for both our world and our country every day. The earth naturally provides nearly every ingredient we need to create the highest quality skin products available.

From concept to retail shelf, we pride ourselves on the quality of the products that leave our facility, no matter whose name is on the bottle. At Dermapeutics, our goal is to help you gain an edge in an increasingly competitive market. Our brand consultants offer you personalized and creative branding strategies which will increase your sales opportunities. Whichever development process you choose for your line of products (private label, custom formulation, contract manufacturing) our R&D, brand development, and marketing professionals examine your line to ensure it is focused and credible. We begin with your core philosophy and analyze the formulations, labels and packaging to ensure they are consistent with your brand.



One of the biggest differences between DermaLink and other private label skin care companies is our unparalleled commitment to the quality of the product that we produce for your clientele. But it doesn’t stop there; our talented Creative Department is staffed with experienced Art Directors and Designers from world-class branding & advertising agencies. No other private label company offers this level of expertise or commitment to developing your unique brand. Below you will find a small description of our capabilities. We invite you to contact us so that we can begin discussing your project goals.


Research & Development

With 20 years in the beauty industry, our company has gained significant expertise researching and developing successful products, and we will put our comprehensive and innovate skincare product research to work on your behalf.



Between our clients and our own company, we have formulated hundreds of unique skincare products throughout the years, and our accumulated experience and insight allows us to formulate the perfect product to fit your vision.



Our facilities utilize cutting-edge equipment and technology to ensure the highest quality products and gives us the ability to accommodate both high and low volume fills.  All of our products are manufactured in the United States.



With products currently sold in several countries around the world, we understand the necessity of dealing with industry red tape or regulatory compliance, and our brand managers will work with you every step of the way with any such restrictions that may arise.


Branding & Package Design

Unique branding can be a critical component of success in a competitive marketplace, and as your partner, our team will work alongside you to find the branding and packaging that is right for your products.



Along with the products themselves, we also offer eye-catching, compelling marketing tools to help ensure your success.  We can provide a variety of design and marketing assets delivered as digital files for your use.


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